Third Party Attachers
Third party attachers include telephone, cable TV and fiber optic companies. As a third party attacher
you will need to sign a Pole Attachment Agreement before applying to attach any facilities to poles
owned by Wellsboro Electric Company.

New Applications to Attach
All third party attachers are not currently setup with a Pole Attachment Agreement will need to contact
the Wellsboro Electric Company office at (570) 724-3516. Business hours are Monday through Friday
7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Attachment Application Process

    1.  A third party attacher will need an executed Pole Attachment Agreement in place before
      attaching any facilities.
    2. Upon completion of Step 1, a third party attacher will need to submit an Attachment Application
      and pay any applicable fee.
    3. Wellsboro Electric Company will evaluate the application and notify attacher if it is complete.
    4. Upon completion of Step 3, Wellsboro Electric Company will develop a make ready quotation
      and provide it to the third party attacher within a defined timeline as established in the Pole
      Attachment Agreement.
    5. The third party attacher will notify Wellsboro Electric Company that they accept the make ready
      quotation and pay any applicable cost.
    6. Upon acceptance by the third party attacher Wellsboro Electric Company will schedule and
      perform the make ready work.
    7. Upon completion of the make ready work, Wellsboro Electric Company will notify third party
      attacher that they are ready to attach.
    8. Third party attacher will notify Wellsboro Electric Company when they intend to start and when
      they have completed their work.

Removal of Attachments
Third party attachers that will be removing attachments from Wellsboro Electric Company poles shall
perform their removal work prior to sending in a removal application. This will include all bolts, cabinets
and guy wires that the third party attacher owns.

Upon completion of the field work the third party attacher can submit a removal application. Once
Wellsboro Electric Company has confirmed the removal is complete then our records will be updated to
remove the attachment(s).


Please download the Pole Attachment agreement and/or the Permit Application below:

Pole Attachment Agreement
Permit Application