Installing the Proper Insulation

The Value of Insulation

The money spent for good insulation is usually paid back in two ways – savings in the cost of heating and air conditioning equipment and in the annual energy cost.

The ability of insulation to better insure full heating and cooling comfort would alone justify the cost of its installation. However, there are additional economic benefits that it provides through it’s impact on ownership and operating costs of the Endless Comfort system.

The installed cost of heating and air conditioning equipment is reduced. Savings are often enough to pay for the added insulation.

Energy costs are reduced by up to 50{2a8b07791800b3396920ff0f68add77ae72885c34367a9da602a226e93997209} with a return on investment of 20{2a8b07791800b3396920ff0f68add77ae72885c34367a9da602a226e93997209} to 40{2a8b07791800b3396920ff0f68add77ae72885c34367a9da602a226e93997209}, if the savings in equipment have not already paid off the cost.

Suggested Insulation Standards for an All-Electric Home

Attic Insulation R-38…..12 inch batt or equivalent
Wall Insulation R-24……6 inch batt and insulating sheathing
Floor Insulation R-19…..6 inch batt or equivalent
Basement Walls R-19….6 inch batt or equivalent
Windows…………………. Triple glazed or double pane with storm
Slab……………………….. 2 inch rigid insulation or equivalent to R-10


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