Payment Options

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Budget Billing
Budget BillingThe budget billing program can make it easier for you to plan your utility expenses. The budget billing program allows you to pay the same amount each month for eleven months. The budget amount is based on your average of the last twelve months bills. The twelfth month is the budget year-end or catch up month.

This is where you pay the difference in what was actually billed and what you paid. This amount could be more or less than your budget amount. The company will review and adjust the budget amount based on your usage and if there are any rate increases.

If there are more than two consecutive late payments, you will be removed from the budget program.

Contact our office if you would like more information about the budget billing program.


smarthub20logo20-20purpleWhat is Smarthub?

Smarthub improves the bill payment process by allowing users to electronically send and receive bill and payment information using convenient, cost effective, and secure state-of-the-art technology. Smarthub is setting the standard by offering the ultimate in ease of use, versatility, and function.

Smarthub is a free and easy way to receive, view, and pay your monthly energy bill online while reducing paper waste.

As an Smarthub customer, you will receive monthly e-mail notification that your bill is ready for viewing and payment. The e-mail will have a link that connects you directly to our Website and your online account. You can then pay your bill online, or use another payment method of your choice.

If you’re on Automatic Bill Payment, Smarthub is a great way to further reduce paperwork and simplify your life; our email notification will also let you know the exact amount being deducted from your checking account.

Features of Smarthub:

  • Smarthub is a free and secure way to pay and/or view your bill.
  • No more paper! View your bill online in a printer-friendly format.
  • Receive monthly e-mail reminders when your bill is ready for viewing.
  • Choose to pay online with a Mastercard® or Visa® credit card. (A third party, credit card processing vendor service charge applies.)
  • Request address/phone number change.
  • Request disconnects and reconnects.

Smarthub puts you, the customer, in control! Click here to register.

Credit Card by Phone
credit_visa credit_mastercardWe accept Mastercard or Visa Credit/Debit cards. Credit card payments are processed by a third-party vendor that charges a $3.95 convenience fee per transaction.

** To pay by debit/credit card, call our toll free automated payment by phone number


The maximum transaction amount is $500.00 which includes the convenience fee. Wellsboro Electric Company does not receive any portion of the convenience fee.

Credit card payments are accepted over the phone or through Smarthub.

Easy Pay Plan
You have enough to take care of in your household without having to worry about which bills have to be paid and by when, how much to write the checks out for, and whether you have enough postage stamps. When it comes to paying your electric bill, there’s an easier way.

We call it the Wellsboro Electric Easy Pay Plan. Instead of having to write a check, put it in an envelope, and drop it in the mail, you can have your electric bill payment(s) electronically deducted from your checking or savings account each month – a quick and convenient way to pay.

Who is Eligible?

All Wellsboro Electric customers are eligible to use the Easy Pay Plan. As long as you have a checking or savings account and are a customer in good standing, you may participate.

The Benefits of the Easy Pan Plan

You can benefit by using the Wellsboro Electric Easy Pay Plan in the following ways:

  • You save time – no more checks to write out and mail.
  • You save money – you don’t have to pay for postage or waste gas driving to our office to pay.
  • You no longer have to worry about payments being late or getting lost in the mail.
  • Your payment is automatically deducted from your account, unless you tell us otherwise. (Please allow 7 days notice to stop your deductions.)
  • As always, you will still continue to receive a monthly billing statement from us.

How Much Will It Cost?

There are no additional charges for this benefit.

  • No Application Fee
  • No Monthly Transaction Fee
  • It is FREE.

To Enroll You Need To:

Fill out an Easy Pay Authorization form or enroll on Smarthub.

Provide a voided check from your checking account.

The Easy Pay Plan will start with your next billing statement, after we receive your authorization form. A message will appear on the bottom portion of your bill with the date the payment will be deducted from your account.


Wellsboro Electric
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Problems Paying Your Bill?

There is help...
Payment Arrangements

We can arrange a payment plan with you based on the amount you owe and your income level.  Please contact customer service at (570) 724-3516


COMPASS is an online application for PA residents to apply for many health and human service programs.

Salvation Army

Contact the local Salvation Army – They may be able to provide assistance.

Fuel Assistance/Crisis

PA Department of Public Welfare

Also known as LIHEAP or the Low-Income Heating Energy Assistance Program. This program helps low-income families pay their heating bills. You do not have to be on assistance to receive this grant. This program is open to property owners and renters. No lien is placed on your property if you receive help. This program normally opens in November and is open for a limited time.

Crisis grants are also available for situations in which there is danger of losing heat. These situation include:

  • Broken heating equipment or leaking lines which must be fixed or replaced
  • Being without fuel or danger of being without fuel
  • Utility service termination or in danger of service termination

This program normally opens in November and is open for a limited time.

To apply for fuel assistance or crisis grants, you will need to provide the following:

  1. The names of the people living in the household
  2. Social Security numbers for all household members
  3. Proof of income for members of the household
  4. A recent heating bill.

Contact our local Department of Welfare at 570-724-4051 for more information.


Emergency food and shelter, utility assistance… Trehab  570-662-8110


Contact the local Council of Churches in our area or individual churches. They may have programs available to assist you.
The Wellsboro Ministerium can be contacted at: Rev. Carl Linscott 570-439-3185