PA Choice Program

What do you need to know...


In Pennsylvania, consumers may choose the company that generates the electricity they use.

You may choose an electric generation supplier based on price, special services or other factors that are important to you. You may save money.

The key to shopping is knowing your price to compare — the price you pay us for generation and transmission if you don’t choose another generation supplier.

Our prices are based on market information and represent the price to compare for the indicated time period.

Visit  to learn more about shopping and for a list of supplier offers.

The Price to Compare (PTC) is adjusted  semi-annually to reflect current energy costs and market conditions. It is applicable to all residential customers and commercial customers where peak load is less than 400 kW. The PTC includes Generation, Transmission & the State Tax Adjustment Surcharge.

Wellsboro Electric’s Price to Compare for January 1, 2023 through May 31, 2023 is 12.8677¢ per kWh. (Includes Generation, Transmission and State Tax Adjustment Surcharge

The estimated GSSR effective June 1, 2023 is 12.9¢ per kWh.

What do You Need to Know?

PA Choice gives customers the option of choosing an alternate Electric Generation Supplier or staying with the incumbent supplier. PA Choice allows the customer to select a generator based on price, products and incentives, and personal preferences as to the type of generation to purchase, i.e., nuclear or green energy such as wind, solar or hydro power.

PA choice will not change the industry’s tradition toward safety, reliability and maintenance.

What Are You Choosing?

Customers will be choosing the company that generates their electricity, the Electric Generation Supplier, also known as the EGS. As the current Electric Distribution Company or EDC, Wellsboro Electric will continue to deliver this electricity to the customer, respond to outages and maintain the local electric distribution system.

Be an Informed Shopper

  • It’s important to be an informed shopper. Keep in mind, contracts are legal agreements and some suppliers could require fees [penalties] for terminating agreements or switching. Below is a list of Questions to Ask a potential supplier.
  • Compare offers from more than one supplier.
  • Ask questions. Make a Shoppers Comparison Guide.
  • Compare the supplier’s price per kWh with the Price to Compare supplied by your EDC.

After you have shopped for the best deal and carefully reviewed the information from different suppliers, you must inform your selected supplier of your choice. That EGS will notify your EDC of your desire to obtain generation from them.

Your EDC will then send you a letter confirming your EGS selection. If the selection is not correct, you have 10 days to contact your EDC before it becomes final. If the 10 day waiting period ends more than 16 days prior to your regularly scheduled meter reading, you will become a customer of that EGS on the next read date. If there are less than 16 days until your next meter reading date, you will become a customer of that EGS on the next month’s read date.

Questions to Ask

  • Is the EGS licensed by the PUC?
  • What is the length of this agreement?
  • Will the price stay the same for the entire time?
  • Is there a penalty for canceling before the time is up?
  • Or for switching suppliers?
  • Do you offer special pricing options?
  • Do you offer interruptible or time-of-day rates?
  • Does my rate depend on how much electricity I use?
  • Or when I use it?
  • Do I need a special meter?
  • Is there a charge for the meter?
  • What steps must I take to switch suppliers?
  • Is there an access or exit fee for starting/stopping supply?
  • Do you have a budget billing option?
  • Do you participate in low income assistance programs?



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How to stay informed...

Helpful web sites

Here are some helpful web sites we have found which may be useful in providing additional information about customer choice.  is our electric shopping site is the Pennsylvania PUC’s site with information about customer choice in PA.