Residential Utility Customer Rights

Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Service
The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has updated its Standards and Billing Practices for Residential Service.

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Utility Consumer” is a booklet prepared by the PUC to explain the rules regarding a utility’s billing, credit, dispute handling and shutoff practices.

Wellsboro Electric Company will continue to provide you with safe and reliable utility service, clear and concise bills
and fair policies. You, the consumer, should know your rights and fulfill your responsibilities to maintain your service.

This useful booklet also includes information about various payment options for your utility bill; understanding the components of your utility bill; policies regarding security deposits; steps and rules about utility shutoffs; and how to shop for electricity or natural gas.

As a residential utility customer, you have the RIGHT:

  • to safe and reliable service
  • to a clear, precise and accurate bill
  • to fair credit and deposit policies
  • to know how your bill is calculated and how to tell if it is too high
  • to question or disagree with your utility
  • to personal privacy

–Wellsboro Electric Company has the responsibility of safeguarding your personal information against unauthorized use.

Learn more about the PA Customer Choice Program here.

As a residential utility customer, you also have the RESPONSIBILITY:

  • to pay your bill on time
  • to provide Wellsboro Electric Company with access to its meter
  • to give Wellsboro Electric Company at least 7 days notice before you move or wish to discontinue service.

–If you fail to notify Wellsboro Electric Company you remain responsible to pay the bills.

You may qualify for special protections if you:

  • Are a victim of domestic violence and have a Protection From Abuse Order or
  • Live in a low-income household or
  • Are seriously ill or a member of your household is seriously ill.

— You will be required to provide proof to your utility.

You can view or download this PDF document “Your Rights and Responsibilities” for all the answers to questions about billing, credit, disputes, and shut-off practices. Or, call us at 570-724-3516 to request a free copy.


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