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weco_MapWellsboro Electric Company is an investor-owned electric utility and consequentially falls under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). To date, Wellsboro service area encompasses 178 square miles and entails approximately 570 miles of power lines, both overhead and underground.  Wellsboro Electric operates two 34,500-volt substations. Consumer density averages 10 customers per mile of line.  Wellsboro Electric Company serves over 6200 accounts in Wellsboro Borough and surrounding areas.
The customer base breaks down as follows:
Residential……….. 5100
Commercial……… 1173
Industrial…………. 12

We’re members of:
PJM Interconnection L.L.C.
Energy Association of Pennsylvania (EAPA)
Wellsboro Chamber of Commerce
Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce
United States Chamber of Commerce

About Our Management Team

WECO's management team has extensive utility experience
Wellsboro Electric Management Team

Rachel Hauser

Executive Assistant

Scot Boyce

Vice President of Finance & Administration

Barney Farnsworth

Chief Operating Officer

Craig Eccher

President & CEO

Company FactsWECo TodayBoard of DirectorsHow We Started
  • Wellsboro Electric Company has been an electric service provider since 1894
  • Office hours are from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday
  • Our service area is about 178 square miles
  • All of our generation is currently purchased from Dominion Energy Marketing, Inc.
  • We are a voting member of PJM Interconnection L.L.C.
  • We serve approximately 6,200 residential, commercial and industrial customers
  • We have 16-full time highly skilled employees
  • 8 line/operations support employees
  • 8 office/support employees
  • All employees are local
  • Our emergency response service is available 24/7
  • Crews work 24 hours per day during emergencies
  • We utilize modern equipment, vehicles and systems such as SCADA, Automatic Meter Reading and GPS Mapping
  • We also utilize a state-of-the-art outage management system and customer information system
  • We have confidential envelope billing with a return envelope
  • We also have the following for your convenience:
  • 24-hour payment
  • Automatic bill payment program
  • Budget Billing payment program
  • Energy gift certificates
  • Safety is our number one concern
Wellsboro Electric Company is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, elected by the majority stockholder, C & T Enterprises, Inc. Directors meet on a regular basis for utility updates and to make decisions pertaining to company policies and procedures. WECo is managed by 3 service officers.



WECo employees oversee day-to-day operations including construction, line maintenance, administrative and clerical obligations. WECO’s management team includes three officers with extensive utility experience. Complimenting WECO’s management team is specialty support from C & T Enterprises – including Information Technology, Key Accounts, Call Center operations, Communications support and Human Resources.


Wellsboro Electric Company’s current Board of Directors:



Thomas L. Rudy (Chairman)

Alfred Calkins (Vice Chairman)

James Luce (Secretary)

Steve Sliwinski (Director at Large)

Ronald Gilbert

Dr. James Davis

Charles Bullock

Erick J.Coolidge

Lowell Geiser

Originally named Wellsborough Electric Company, Wellsboro Electric (WECo) was incorporated on April 11, 1894.



The original board consisted of five businessmen from the local community.


At the time of incorporation, Wellsboro Electric was granted the right to be the sole supplier of electricity to the residents of the Borough of Wellsboro. As the demand for electricity grew, the grant was extended to include Middlebury, Delmar and Charlestown Townships.

Wellsboro Electric generated its own electricity until the early 1960s. Increasing fuel and maintenance costs led WECo to cease generation operations. Since then all power requirements have been filled through wholesale power contracts.

WECo’s Original Building


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